The Visionary Difference

We are dedicated to offering an innovative & compassionate approach to the very latest advances in Gynecology — assisting women on their personal journey toward health, happiness and sexual well being.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe women deserve a better patient experience than they are currently receiving in the traditional health care model.

We believe it takes longer than 10 minutes of an allotted office visit for a woman to tell her story.

We believe in being present with our patients 100% of the time.

We believe in diversity, knowing that all women are created differently.

We believe in creating a nurturing space that will nurture us as well as our patients.

We believe that health care is a partnering experience based on trust and honesty. And that it is our responsibility and the responsibility of our patients to practice this intention.

“I see myself as a caretaker of the wellness of women that also leads them to greater empowerment regardless of their age…it is truly a magical journey.”

Dr. Jennifer Hayes