Tumescent Lipo – Artfully done

For when exercise simply isn’t cutting it

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If you have found yourself on this page reading about Tumescent Liposuction, then chances are you already know what it is – a means of safely removing excess, unwanted pockets of fat. I perform tumescent liposuction, which means patients are awake and have local anesthesia only.

In 2008, when I made the decision to add Tumescent Liposuction to the list of procedures I perform, I went to train with the best. Training first with Dr. Robert True in Dallas, TX, then on to the Pelosi Center in New Jersey with Dr. Marco Pelosi II, considered one of the best in the field of Cosmogynecolgy. And lastly, I trained in San Juan Capistrano, CA with Dr. Jeffrey Klein, the inventor of the tumescent technique that every lipo surgeon in the world uses to provide safe liposuction. This allows lipo by local anesthesia possible and creates almost no blood loss.

Using microcannulas and tumescent liposuction techniques, we can produce excellent, symmetric, and smooth results. It takes patience and skill. Because I use such small cannulas, tiny threads of fat are removed across an area in a criss-cross fashion to create an even, smooth appearance. Although not an actual weight-loss technique, liposuction is a way to reshape ourselves.

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