Miscellaneous Gynecology Testimonials

  • As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I came to Dr. Hayes a mental wreck, worried about my Brac Analysis Test. I tested positive as a candidate for Ovarian Cancer. Needless to say, Dr. Hayes was absolutely My Angel Dr. She made me feel stronger the first moment she talked to me and hugged me.  She also explained the best procedure to remove my ovaries with my husband and I. My feelings for her were so real when she examined me, ran tests and decided to do my surgery. Her entire staff was warm and helpful and they took the stress off my shoulders. My surgery went smoothly and Dr. Hayes visited with me before I went in to the OR and after I came out. She called me at home the next day. Her office kept in touch with me the entire recovery. Today I feel great and have all the confidence in the world about not having cancer again. Dr. Hayes and her staff at her office and the hospital made me feel like a real person with their caring ways. She is absolutely an expert in her field and I feel honored to be one of her patients now. I’ve been very depressed and scared for fifteen years and she is truly my Angel Dr. because she has been so caring and sincere to me. Thank you Dr. Hayes.


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  • I can't imagine what my quality of life might have been these past eleven years or so if Dr. Hayes hadn’t appeared on my horizon. I had an ongoing female problem that was going from bad to worse. I had found no help from my [other] Drs and decided I would try to make the best of it and learn to live with it. At that point I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Hayes. She actually talked to me, truly listened to me, examined my problem, then did some things to solve it as soon as possible. By restoring my failing body, Dr. Hayes gave me the gift of a full, productive, active life.

    If you are looking for a Gynecologist who combines knowledge and skill with much human consideration, warmth and understanding, Dr.Hayes is the one for you. You will be delighted with your choice becuase she is a treasure.


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    Dr. Jennifer Hayes at the Visionary Centre for Women is a good friend and one of the best gynecologists in Florida. I could think of no one else that I wanted to be my GShot doctor. Dr Hayes and her staff were exceptionally friendly and professional reviewing the entire logistics of the procedure and what to expect with me before proceeding. The entire examination and procedure took less than five minutes and was completely painless. I did not feel any different as I left the office and, as it happened, I did not begin my “clinical trials” evaluating the efficacy of the GShot for a week.

    To be perfectly honest, I went into Dr Hayes office with complete skepticism about the GShot. My sex life was already satisfying and I truly doubted that injecting collagen into a tiny spot on the top of my vagina would make it any better. Was I ever WRONG! Without going into details that would probably do better in a Penthouse Forum letter, suffice it to say that the GShot allowed me to enjoy multiple penetrational orgasms with my partner the likes of which I had never experienced in my life! The stimulation was just “that” much better and more intense.

    Although it must be noted that the GShot does not itself promise to increase one’s libido, I found that the significant enhancement in my sexual gratification has, as a direct result, increased my sexual interest and desire. My partner is ecstatic and, more importantly, so am I. I have been recounting my experience to my patients and friends who are anxiously awaiting the incorporation of the GShot into my own practice. I have had many volunteers to test it further.

    As I am drawing to the end of the four month effectiveness period of my first GShot, I am definitely appreciating the decreasing sensation with intercourse. I have already started planning my return trip to Tampa to receive another GShot from Dr. Hayes and can only end this the way I started with an emphatic, “The GSHOT works!”

    Smiling All the Way, Dr. S.

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  • How can I begin to thank you for your extraordinary wisdom, insight and incredible skill in taking care of me? I am so grateful for everything you’ve done for me. It went beyond being a fine physician and surgeon; beyond the enormity of recruiting another surgeon in my time of need, which I thought was nothing short of heroic of you. Thank you for sharing yourself with me; your example helped me to understand in new ways how to transition toward growth and self-actualization. You were an inspiration to me.

    DR. M. T.

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  • I’m 51 years old. I was facing a surgery that scared me to death because of my past surgical experience. I think for me it was more about saying here, take a knife and cut away on a place within my body that is the essence of being a woman. What I have learned is that this experience was amazing for three reasons.  1. Dr Hayes Before the surgery, 2. Dr. Hayes During the surgery, and 3. Dr. Hayes After the surgery. Not only is she highly skilled in what she does but she truly cares about what matters to her patients. She talked to me, & more importantly, she listened. My experience was directly related to the Dr. I chose.  So choose well. I had a great experience with a great surgeon. She truly cared about my quality of life.


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  • I had to have surgery and I wanted to tell you what a good experience I had with Dr. Hayes. What a great doctor she is, and how great my surgery went. I could not ask for better care by her or everyone at Morton Plant Hospital. I highly recommend her.


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  • Prior to my surgery Dr. Hayes explained everything in detail about what she would be doing and what I could expect during the recovery period. I am happy to say that everything involving my procedure was correct and I did not require any pain medication. Dr. Hayes is an excellent surgeon and her “bed-side” manner was fabulous!


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  • I cannot express how thankful we are for all you have done. From our first meeting, to after my procedure, you were no less than awesome! You even took the time to make sure I had the best care you could find locally once I was home. Your nurses and staff are also outstanding! We are so glad we found you!
    D. & B.D.

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  • You are all wonderfully beautiful people. Your care has directly influenced me positively in more ways than I may express in words. The atmosphere you all create is overwhelmingly accepting which comforted me when I needed it most! Please keep doing what you are doing because there is a genuine need for people like you and you are each very appreciated! Thank You.


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  • Thank you for your compassion and kindness at a difficult time. You truly have a God-given gift to be in a highly trained and professional field of medicine ... and yet you feel like a new found friend to your patients. May God continue to bless and keep you in His care.


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