Vaginal Pessaries

Non-surgical treatment option for prolapse or urinary incontinence

Watch a video animation about vaginal pessaries.

Pessaries are rubber devices, similar to contraceptive diaphragms, which are used to either lift the bladder or uterus. One design treats urinary incontinence. They are a non-surgical treatment option for prolapse or urinary incontinence. More than half of the women who are fitted with a pessary will continue to use it successfully on a long-term basis.

Typical pessary users are women who:

  • Would like to avoid surgery
  • Have mild symptoms and want or need to avoid surgery for the moment
  • Have health problems that make the risks of surgery too great
  • Need to delay surgery and are uncomfortable from their incontinence or prolapse
  • Need vaginal support and incontinence help during exercise

There are numerous shapes and sizes of pessaries to meet the individual support requirements of our different patients. At Visionary, we have a wide selection of pessaries and the experience with proper fitting, which improves the chances of getting a comfortable fitting pessary. If a pessary fits well, you don’t feel it and it works like a charm. Pessaries, managed well, can avoid problems of vaginal discharge, abrasions, or bleeding.

To keep the skin supple and strong, vaginal estrogen cream, or tablets are given to women who use a pessary, especially for those in menopause.

When a pessary fits well, and is cared for, it can be a perfect solution, without mesh, for prolapse or incontinence.

Why doesn’t a pessary always work?

  • Prior prolapse surgery
  • Weak vaginal entrance
  • Excess vaginal discharge