Robotic Sacrocolpopexy Testimonials

  • I'm a 56 year-old post-menopausal women who recently had extensive bleeding with sexual intercourse. This had never happen before, and my husband and I were really scared. Since we are fairly recent "transplants" to Florida, I asked my primary care physician, who I trust completely, to recommend a gynecologist — someone who he would trust his wife to. He recommended Dr. Jennifer Hayes. I am so thrilled that he did so!

    From the minute I walked into the office, the entire staff was so friendly and warm to me. Dr. Hayes told me upon examination that there were three things that could possibly be wrong with me, but she wouldn't know precisely until further testing and biopsies were performed. She said that it could be benign uterine polyps, pre-cancerous cells, or cancer. If you have never heard the "C" word issued to you, it's hard to imagine the thoughts that go through your mind. I have only been married for a year and a half (after many years of a miserable previous marriage) to the nicest, most lovable and sexiest man I've ever met (who's seven years younger than I am), and I finally got my lovely daughter through college and married to a great husband, and now, I might die??? Dr. Hayes held my hands and told me that I'm not going anywhere. If it was uterine cancer, it was the easiest cancer to cure. But, she would have to do a D&C to get a biopsy of the massive amount of polyps in my uterus. Every member of her staff encouraged me not to worry I was in good hands. They all treated me like family.

    I was absolutely terrified of surgery. Oh, I had the utmost confidence in Dr. Hayes, but I was terrified of being put to sleep. When I was 32, I had been given sodium pentothal as an anesthetic for a tubal ligation, and actually died on the operating table. It took a long time for them to "revive me", and then I was horribly nauseated for two days after that. Dr. Hayes and her staff kept reassuring me that this would not happen again,

    Fortunately, the results of the D&C showed that my polyps were benign. Dr. Hayes then told me that she could do a total hysterectomy using robotic surgery, which meant that my pain would be much less and my recovery would be much easier. She was right! Not only did she perform the robotic hysterectomy (including my ovaries), but she re-positioned my bladder to where it was before I had a 10 pound vaginal delivery of a baby girl 25 years ago, AND she tightened the muscles in my vagina to make sex more pleasurable. And, I woke up from the anesthesia starving to death instead of vomiting. I only had to spend one night in the hospital. I had had a male gynecologist for many years in Ohio prior to moving to Florida, and not once did he suggest that moving my bladder to eliminate leakage and tightening my vaginal muscles was possible. THANK YOU, DR. HAYES!

    And, now, I keep reading these testimonials about the G-spot shot, so that's the next thing I'm going to do!


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  • I was diagnosed with pelvic prolapse at the age of 61 in NY. The doctor who treated me at that time recommended Kegel exercises and did not explain any other treatment options. When we moved to Florida, a year later, I researched this condition further and discovered Dr. Hayes website. When I read about the robotic surgery that she does – it seemed an answer to my prayers. From the first visit, Dr. Hayes was very understanding and told me that not only had my bladder dropped but also my cervix had fallen. She recommended robotic surgery and explained the entire procedure that would be done to me to correct my condition.  She gave me hope that my condition could be corrected.

    I went into the hospital on a Friday morning and I was back in my home on Saturday afternoon. My recuperation was amazing. Within a week or two, I started to do little things.  I was cautious about stretching and bending down for something but the discomfort was minimal. I found using a pillow to sleep with gave me support to my stomach as I lay on my side. The operation that Dr. Hayes performed totally changed my life. I feel fantastic. I would definitely recommend this robotic surgery and especially Dr. Hayes to anyone having the same condition.


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  • I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Hayes through a co-worker. I needed surgery to repair a fallen bladder. When I first met with Dr. Hayes, I immediately felt at ease.  Dr. Hayes is very professional; she examined me thoroughly and did not rush me through. She took the time to explain the procedure to me (Robotic Sacrocolpopexy), tell me what my options were and answered all the questions I had about the procedures. Once my surgery was completed, I was not as sore as I would have been with any other procedure. I had robotic surgery and after two weeks I was up and about. I would recommend Dr. Hayes to anyone needing this type of surgery.


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  • Dr. Hayes had been referred to my by 2 women that had surgery by her that were very satisfied with their results. Although I was worried about having surgery, I was confident that the surgery would go well and so it did. The recovery was faster and better than I expected. I would recommend Dr. Hayes to all my friends and relatives.


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  • As soon as I met Dr. Hayes and her staff, I knew I was in good hands. These people are passionate about what they do and treat their patients with great understanding and compassion. After major pelvic restoration surgery (robotic sacrocolpopexy and colporrhaphy), I was amazed at how fast I recovered and how good I felt.


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