Robotic Myomectomy Testimonials

  • Dr. Hayes and her entire staff make their patients feel so comfortable. The overall experience of learning you have to have a surgery can be very scary. Dr. Hayes listens closely and cares about her patients and their overall well-being. Dr. Hayes goes above and beyond for all of her patients. It is a unique and wonderful experience to have a Dr. who is truly there for her patients. To add to a positive experience–her staff is warm, welcoming, and they made me feel at ease as well.  My overall experience was amazing. I was confident I was always in good hands, comfortable and well cared for. I recommend Dr. Hayes to every women I meet. Thank you all for the caring! It makes a huge difference especially for me.


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  • I was diagnosed with a large pedunculated uterine fibroid. I was told by a Dr. that I would require surgery by means of a myomectomy but with a large 4-6 inch incision at the bikini line with a recovery of 6-8 weeks. I was then referred to Dr. Hayes by not one, but two of my very close girlfriends. When I first visited Visionary Centre for Women, I was amazed at how genuinely nice the entire staff was. Then after meeting with Dr. Hayes and receiving additional tests, I was informed of the robotic myomectomy which meant no big incision and a much shorter recovery time plus much, much less pain. After two weeks I was starting to feel my new self again and finally, I have preserved my reproductive system in the least traumatic way possible!. Dr. Hayes and staff are amazing.


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