Colposcopy is the procedure done to work up an abnormal pap smear. This procedure lets us know if there truly are abnormal cells at your cervix and how significant they are. It also helps ensure there is no cervical cancer present. For the patient, colposcopy feels similar to a pap smear and usually takes 2-3 minutes to complete. Dr. Hayes swabs three simple solutions onto the cervix. Then a special microscope is used, to examine each part of the cervix after the solutions are applied. The canal of the cervix (where the brush is used in a pap smear) is sampled and if there are abnormal-looking areas on the cervix that might be the cause of the abnormal pap, we take a tiny sample of these. The sample will feel like a brief pinch or tug in that spot. At the end, a little medicine is swabbed on that will look to you like coffee grounds the next day. We call the results to you the following week. Often, we can keep an eye on the pap changes by more frequent pap smears, while your body heals the abnormal cell. IF we need a treatment, it would be an office treatment.