General and Complex Gynecology

Dr. Hayes offers a comprehensive range of Gynecology. The practice ranges from well woman visits or birth control visits to the most complex of gynecologic procedures. At Visionary Centre for Women in Tampa Bay, we provide the personalized care that women really appreciate and deserve.

Gynecologic Problems & Conditions We Treat

This is a list of many of the gynecologic problems and conditions we treat.

In Office Gynecological Procedures

Minimally Invasive

Dr. Hayes has dedicated her career to minimally invasive surgery, always choosing the safest procedure with the least amount of downtime for her patients. These procedures are same-day or one night stay with only dime-sized incisions. Dr. Hayes is a very skilled and experienced surgeon who has been doing DaVinci GYN procedures since 2007, longer than any other OB/GYN surgeon on Florida’s West Coast! For many years she has been a national speaker, Epi-center Surgeon on trains other surgeons on these Robotic technique, among others: