Laser Perineoplasty or Perineorrhphy

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Laser Perineoplasty or Perineorrhaphy repairs and restores the relaxed or aging perineum which is the area between the rectum and the floor of the vagina. It returns a more youthful and appearance, while creating a vaginal entry that returns it to a “hand in glove” fit with a woman’s partner. It can also enhance the sagging labia majora (large outer lips) and labia minora. In many women this area has been stretched or injured during natural vaginal deliveries and/or episiotomies. Oftentimes the healing process and repair of these tears leads to uneven gaping or scarring of the perineum. The Laser Perineoplasty procedure can repair and restore that area to a look before vaginal deliveries. This procedure is usually performed during vaginal rejuvenation but may also be performed by itself.

Dr. Hayes uses the laser to complete her cosmetic surgery. She also performs surgery with an Ellman device which uses radio frequency, in particular situations. She will use whichever tool will create the most beautiful results.