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Women from around the world visit Visionary Centre for Women to have their Labiaplasty / Reduction Labioplasty performed by Dr. Hayes. She is one of a handful of surgeons with the skills and advanced training in this field. Since she is a female, board-certified gynecologist and gynecologic surgeon who has spent her career taking care of women, they feel comfortable approaching her for labia reduction cosmetic procedure.

Some improvements labiaplasty can offer are:

  • Resculpting the labia to a different size and evenness.
  • Reducing self-consciousness while increasing sexual self-esteem.
  • Increasing comfort in fitted clothing, and during physical and sexual activity.
  • Repairing the effects of childbirth and the aging process.

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure to sculpt and remove excess and usually even out the labia minora (inner lips). Dr. Hayes uses a variety of tools for her labiaplasty or reduction labiaplasty procedures depending the the patient and the outcome they are looking for. She uses a laser for the Laser Reduction Labiaplasty by itself or with the Ellman Surgitron Radiofrequency device when it’s helpful. Both are extremely precise and insure a nearly bloodless procedure.

“We receive the most wonderful testimonials from women that have Labiaplasty with me. It changes lives! And that tells me that I am providing a valuable service to the women that have their procedures with me. My entire staff and I work diligently to provide the best patient experience possible.”

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