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  • Thank you for giving me back my intimate life…I feel like I’m on my 2nd honeymoon!


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  • As a busy, healthy person, mid-life challenges of weight settling wasn't gong to keep me down!  I met with the team at Visionary Centre for Women, and knew I would look and feel good soon!  Since I exercise and eat well, I was able to proceed quickly.  The results were subtle and large all at the same time, as we tweaked areas that were not responding to workouts and dietary changes.  I recovered from Lipo quickly, with no complications, and am happy Dr. Hayes and her team came into my life as the solution for me!


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  • I have been restored to perfect creation! I really can’t believe that I labored for 3 years, contemplating this procedure. For a week after the surgery, I was waiting for the “intense” pain to kick in and it truly never did. The ice bag became my very BEST friend and I never thought I would use it a minute beyond the 72 hours, but I did. It numbed all side effects and I enjoyed seeing my husband run up and down the stairs every 4 hours (even during the night) to refill it. Pay back for the nights he slept after the birth of our 2 daughters!

    Dr. Hayes and Sandi (her assistant) were wonderful! They talked and patiently answered all of my questions before and after. Dr. Hayes is gifted and I am so thankful for what she has professionally done for my personal well-being as well as the new confidence brought to my marriage. No more embarrassment and mental torment — as I said “I am a restored to brand new!”


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  • Dr. Hayes and her entire staff make their patients feel so comfortable. The overall experience of learning you have to have a surgery can be very scary. Dr. Hayes listens closely and cares about her patients and their overall well-being. Dr. Hayes goes above and beyond for all of her patients. It is a unique and wonderful experience to have a Dr. who is truly there for her patients. To add to a positive experience–her staff is warm, welcoming, and they made me feel at ease as well.  My overall experience was amazing. I was confident I was always in good hands, comfortable and well cared for. I recommend Dr. Hayes to every women I meet. Thank you all for the caring! It makes a huge difference especially for me.


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  • As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I came to Dr. Hayes a mental wreck, worried about my Brac Analysis Test. I tested positive as a candidate for Ovarian Cancer. Needless to say, Dr. Hayes was absolutely My Angel Dr. She made me feel stronger the first moment she talked to me and hugged me.  She also explained the best procedure to remove my ovaries with my husband and I. My feelings for her were so real when she examined me, ran tests and decided to do my surgery. Her entire staff was warm and helpful and they took the stress off my shoulders. My surgery went smoothly and Dr. Hayes visited with me before I went in to the OR and after I came out. She called me at home the next day. Her office kept in touch with me the entire recovery. Today I feel great and have all the confidence in the world about not having cancer again. Dr. Hayes and her staff at her office and the hospital made me feel like a real person with their caring ways. She is absolutely an expert in her field and I feel honored to be one of her patients now. I’ve been very depressed and scared for fifteen years and she is truly my Angel Dr. because she has been so caring and sincere to me. Thank you Dr. Hayes.


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  • I was diagnosed with a large pedunculated uterine fibroid. I was told by a Dr. that I would require surgery by means of a myomectomy but with a large 4-6 inch incision at the bikini line with a recovery of 6-8 weeks. I was then referred to Dr. Hayes by not one, but two of my very close girlfriends. When I first visited Visionary Centre for Women, I was amazed at how genuinely nice the entire staff was. Then after meeting with Dr. Hayes and receiving additional tests, I was informed of the robotic myomectomy which meant no big incision and a much shorter recovery time plus much, much less pain. After two weeks I was starting to feel my new self again and finally, I have preserved my reproductive system in the least traumatic way possible!. Dr. Hayes and staff are amazing.


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  • I can't imagine what my quality of life might have been these past eleven years or so if Dr. Hayes hadn’t appeared on my horizon. I had an ongoing female problem that was going from bad to worse. I had found no help from my [other] Drs and decided I would try to make the best of it and learn to live with it. At that point I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Hayes. She actually talked to me, truly listened to me, examined my problem, then did some things to solve it as soon as possible. By restoring my failing body, Dr. Hayes gave me the gift of a full, productive, active life.

    If you are looking for a Gynecologist who combines knowledge and skill with much human consideration, warmth and understanding, Dr.Hayes is the one for you. You will be delighted with your choice becuase she is a treasure.


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  • I'm a 56 year-old post-menopausal women who recently had extensive bleeding with sexual intercourse. This had never happen before, and my husband and I were really scared. Since we are fairly recent "transplants" to Florida, I asked my primary care physician, who I trust completely, to recommend a gynecologist — someone who he would trust his wife to. He recommended Dr. Jennifer Hayes. I am so thrilled that he did so!

    From the minute I walked into the office, the entire staff was so friendly and warm to me. Dr. Hayes told me upon examination that there were three things that could possibly be wrong with me, but she wouldn't know precisely until further testing and biopsies were performed. She said that it could be benign uterine polyps, pre-cancerous cells, or cancer. If you have never heard the "C" word issued to you, it's hard to imagine the thoughts that go through your mind. I have only been married for a year and a half (after many years of a miserable previous marriage) to the nicest, most lovable and sexiest man I've ever met (who's seven years younger than I am), and I finally got my lovely daughter through college and married to a great husband, and now, I might die??? Dr. Hayes held my hands and told me that I'm not going anywhere. If it was uterine cancer, it was the easiest cancer to cure. But, she would have to do a D&C to get a biopsy of the massive amount of polyps in my uterus. Every member of her staff encouraged me not to worry I was in good hands. They all treated me like family.

    I was absolutely terrified of surgery. Oh, I had the utmost confidence in Dr. Hayes, but I was terrified of being put to sleep. When I was 32, I had been given sodium pentothal as an anesthetic for a tubal ligation, and actually died on the operating table. It took a long time for them to "revive me", and then I was horribly nauseated for two days after that. Dr. Hayes and her staff kept reassuring me that this would not happen again,

    Fortunately, the results of the D&C showed that my polyps were benign. Dr. Hayes then told me that she could do a total hysterectomy using robotic surgery, which meant that my pain would be much less and my recovery would be much easier. She was right! Not only did she perform the robotic hysterectomy (including my ovaries), but she re-positioned my bladder to where it was before I had a 10 pound vaginal delivery of a baby girl 25 years ago, AND she tightened the muscles in my vagina to make sex more pleasurable. And, I woke up from the anesthesia starving to death instead of vomiting. I only had to spend one night in the hospital. I had had a male gynecologist for many years in Ohio prior to moving to Florida, and not once did he suggest that moving my bladder to eliminate leakage and tightening my vaginal muscles was possible. THANK YOU, DR. HAYES!

    And, now, I keep reading these testimonials about the G-spot shot, so that's the next thing I'm going to do!


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  • Robotic surgery is the way to go and Dr.Hayes is the one to do it. In 3 days I was up and about with minimal pain. Recovery was much faster than I imagined. So thankful I found Dr. Hayes and her wonderful staff.


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  • I am very pleased with my results after having the designer reduction labiaplasty surgery. It definitely exceeded my expectations and I am not ashamed of my body anymore. Dr. Hayes is amazing and wants the best for her patients.


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  • Dr. Hayes gave me a robotic hystectomy in 2/2010. She removed my uterus and a cantaloupe sized fibroid. My recover was so quick. I stopped taking the pain meds after two days. I felt so great that I had to keep reminding myself to take it easy. Dr. Hayes and her staff are so caring and attentive my experience couldn’t have been better!


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  • I had been thinking about having a labiaplasty for years but never pursued it. One evening I came across Dr. Hayes site on the Internet. The more I read about Dr. Hayes, the more certain I was that I would finally do something about my “situation” I had been unhappy for too long. Dr. Hayes and her staff are caring, supportive, and thorough. After my first visit, I had all the information I needed and felt comfortable enough to go for it. I have absolutely no regrets and am beyond thrilled with the results. I only wish I had done this sooner. Dr. Hayes has made a tremendous difference in my life. Thank you!!

    P.S. There was very little discomfort-even immediately after surgery. In a week I felt great which has continued. Thank you again!


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  • I have always been insecure with the way my labia minora looked, worse that that, the way they felt. My lifestyle has always been an active one and the discomfort I often experienced because of the size of my labia was something I thought I would just have to live with. Trying to discuss this issue with anyone else was also very difficult for me. During my last annual visit, I was very excited to find out Dr. Hayes (who delivered my 1st daughter) was doing Cosmetic Gynecology. I look so good down there and most important I can wear anything, exercise with no discomfort and best of all have 100% comfortable sex with my husband. Dr. Hayes and her staff made the entire experience a pleasant one. I recommend this surgery to any women who feels insecure with her genitalia. Don’t wait, you will be so happy with the results!


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  • After years of pain, I recently had da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy and literally my life has changed! No more pain or missing out on 10-15 days a month of my life. Thank you Dr. Hayes & your wonderful staff for your exceptional skills, knowledge & for taking such good care of me.  For anyone deciding whether or not to have this surgery like I was, maybe my experience can help your decision. The recovery was so much better then I could imagine. After the 1st few days, besides being a little sore & tired, I had to remind myself I had surgery. By the 2nd week, the incisions were so small you could barely see them. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Hayes.


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  • I was a little worried before surgery as I had never had any major surgery. My experience was wonderful! I had very little discomfort immediately following surgery. Only 24 hours in the hospital! No need for pain medication after just a few days. It’s been a little over two weeks and I feel great.


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  • My whole life I have been embarrassed and worried that someone would somehow be able to tell that I had longer labia than the rest of the female population. When I was in college, I began researching labiaplasty and came across Dr. Hayes’ website. I began e-mailing her office with laundry lists of questions, all which were answered promptly and detailed. Four years went by and I never got the courage to make the phone call. Finally, after this issue became overwhelming and debilitating to my every day life, I made the call! My consult was everything I expected. Dr. Hayes is understanding, caring, discreet, and passionate.

    One of the biggest concerns with a surgery like this is the unknown. Immediately, Dr. Hayes laid it all out on the table! I knew exactly what would happen on surgery day, and how the recovery period would feel each week following. Yesterday was my final visit, and believe it or not, I was actually sad that I wouldn't be scheduling another appointment! My end result turned out better than I even imagined, so of course I would do it all over again! If I could go back in time and tell my "college-self" how smoothly this process went, I would have said, "PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL DR. HAYES!"


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  • I thank you so much for all you have done for me.  I am happy and healthy and going on with life. You and your whole team are so supportive and helpful to women like me who get anxious before procedures, let alone a total hysterectomy.  You inspired such confidence.  You actually listened to my fears and addressed them.  While I know women who have had robotic hysterectomies and told me it was really an easy recovery, I am old enough to know many women who had open surgery for their hysterectomies and took months to recover.  I was apprehensive. (Read that SCARED).


All my fear was wasted energy!  You and your team and Morton Plant Hospital did a great job.  I had no problems with the anesthesia, the nurses on the floor were so nice that night, and I was home the next day.   Then I waited for the difficult recovery.  And waited, and waited.  I was very tired the first week after surgery and slept a lot.   The second week I did more,  and was still a little tired. I had practically no pain at all.  I think I may have taken 1 or 2 pain pills at night, but that was all. I still can't believe I had a major surgery without any hassle or pain!  My recovery was ridiculously easy.   I recommend the robotic surgery without any hesitation. The Robot is only as good as the person operating it and you are the best, a truly skilled and caring surgeon. Your compassion shows in all aspects of your practice.  Walking into your office and discussing my GYN issues was one of the best decisions in my life.


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  • I had the LVR and Labiaplasty procedure it has been a wonderful success. I would like to thank Doctor Hayes for her professionalism and knowledge and how she made me feel so comfortable every step of the way. The healing was amazing and Doctor Hayes was always available to see me whenever I needed to. Dr. Hayes and her staff were very caring, follow up was outstanding and open to unscheduled visits when I had concerns. My recovery went as planned and I am extremely happy with the results. LVR has been life changing and the labia surgery definitely exceeded my expectations. Words cannot describe my gratitude. 


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  • I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes and her wonderful staff. It was discovered during a routine checkup that my uterus was enlarged. After further testing, a large fibroid tumor was discovered in my uterus. I elected to have a hysterectomy because of my age. I then interviewed 3 doctors and was very discouraged as all 3 told me I was not a candidate for vaginal surgery or a minimally invasive option but would need a large incision and extended recuperation time. I then found out about Dr. Hayes. What a godsend she was! She told me she could do a robotic hysterectomy. By week three, I was back to normal with only three very tiny incisions and I feel fantastic! Thank you Dr. Hayes & Staff.


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  • I would like to thank you for restoring quality to my life. For decades I have suffered from bladder incontinence after a premature hysterectomy. I have been to numerous doctors and have several “CURES” prescribed to me by physicians and surgeons in the form of either medicine or the “NEWEST SURGICAL TECHINIQUES!” None of which worked. I had to modify my lifestyle for at least 40 years. You are a gift from God. Not only are your surgical skills unmatched, you have the compassion of an angel. You have no idea the depth of gratitude I have for you. I know within 24 hours that your surgery was a success. I was and still am in awe. The post-operative discomfort was minimal. Forever grateful.


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  • I just wanted to say Thank You for giving us back our love life. The surgery worked fine. It's taken me all summer to test it. (I’m a coward I guess). Again — Thank you.

    P.S. I feel like I'm on my second honeymoon. Every Day!


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  • I researched laser vaginal rejuvenation on the internet many times and each time the experience and credentials of Dr. Jennifer Hayes stood out amongst all the other doctors. I visited her for a consultation and immediately knew that Visionary Centre for Women was a place I felt comfortable. The staff was friendly, upheld the privacy and delicacy of my surgery, and went above and beyond to make my experience exceptional. I am pleased to say my surgery went seamlessly and my recovery was quick. I experienced minimal pain and was back at work within two weeks. If you are thinking about laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery to restore vaginal tightness, there is no other place to go. Dr. Hayes and her staff are the best!


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  • I came to Dr. Hayes after my local gynecologist told me that my fibroid was too large to be removed vaginally and that I would need a traditional hysterectomy. This meant a large abdominal incision. Dr. Hayes offered a superior, less invasive robotic alternative. More importantly, Dr. Hayes was able to remove my uterus and fibroid with only 4 small incisions and I recovered in only 2 weeks time!


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  • For anyone considering Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, this was the best decision I could have made. Other doctors ignored my concerns for years. Dr. Hayes and her staff listened to me and went out of their way to accommodate me in every way possible. Every step along the way I felt informed and cared for. Pain and discomfort were minimal and I have been surprised at how quickly I could get back to my normal routine. I wouldn’t consider going to another Dr. My experience was great!


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  • In retrospect, when I ask myself whether or not I would do this procedure again, I would answer YES, without hesitation.

    Since I felt plagued by the size of my labia ever since I was a little girl, I knew that this procedure had nothing to do with my vanity, but constant discomfort.

    I am aware that any surgical procedure can bear risks and complications, and even though this field of plastic surgery is still very young and in process of development, I made the right choice. I am satisfied!


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  • I was diagnosed with pelvic prolapse at the age of 61 in NY. The doctor who treated me at that time recommended Kegel exercises and did not explain any other treatment options. When we moved to Florida, a year later, I researched this condition further and discovered Dr. Hayes website. When I read about the robotic surgery that she does – it seemed an answer to my prayers. From the first visit, Dr. Hayes was very understanding and told me that not only had my bladder dropped but also my cervix had fallen. She recommended robotic surgery and explained the entire procedure that would be done to me to correct my condition.  She gave me hope that my condition could be corrected.

    I went into the hospital on a Friday morning and I was back in my home on Saturday afternoon. My recuperation was amazing. Within a week or two, I started to do little things.  I was cautious about stretching and bending down for something but the discomfort was minimal. I found using a pillow to sleep with gave me support to my stomach as I lay on my side. The operation that Dr. Hayes performed totally changed my life. I feel fantastic. I would definitely recommend this robotic surgery and especially Dr. Hayes to anyone having the same condition.


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  • I am very pleased with the visual appearance but also my fiancé was very amazed and you might be interested to hear that he said “Did she line you up with velvet inside, because that sure felt amazing!” You exceeded our expectations. You are an angel.


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  • After 6 years of researching Labiaplasty, I finally decided to go ahead with the procedure for one reason, Dr. Hayes. From start to finish this has been an amazing and comforting experience. Sandi, the patient care coordinator, is wonderful and always there to answer any questions or concerns I had. Dr. Hayes knows what she is doing and truly cares. She is straight and to the point and is very confident in what she does…which is SO important. She knew the outcome I wanted before I even had to tell her which was a relief. Recovery was a breeze when following their instructions and suggestions and actually gave me some relaxation time that I needed. I could not be happier with the results and the overall experience with Dr. Hayes, Sandi and the whole staff at Visionary Centre for Women. The only regret I have had with the procedure is that I did not do it sooner! Thank you!


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  • Everything went great–from meeting with Dr. Hayes and her staff, to surgery day and beyond. The surgery center was fantastic! Very clean, professional and courteous. Everyone answered all my questions and concerns. Recovery was very comfortable. I followed Dr. Hayes directions and had no problems. When I had concerns, they were addressed. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hayes and her staff and look forward to a long patient relationship.


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  • I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Hayes through a co-worker. I needed surgery to repair a fallen bladder. When I first met with Dr. Hayes, I immediately felt at ease.  Dr. Hayes is very professional; she examined me thoroughly and did not rush me through. She took the time to explain the procedure to me (Robotic Sacrocolpopexy), tell me what my options were and answered all the questions I had about the procedures. Once my surgery was completed, I was not as sore as I would have been with any other procedure. I had robotic surgery and after two weeks I was up and about. I would recommend Dr. Hayes to anyone needing this type of surgery.


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  • The overall experience was simply remarkable to me. Of course, going into it I was hesitant and nervous. But Dr. Hayes and her outstanding team made me feel right at ease and truly cared about my needs throughout the entire process. They provided me the assurance I was in the best hands possible to do something I have wanted to do for over 10 years! If I had to, I would do it again without a second of hesitation. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Hayes & her team!


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  • My experience with Dr. Hayes is the kind of experience you want to have. When I went for my 1st consultation, I waited a little longer in the waiting room than I expected but thought to myself – “Hmmm, this Dr. must really take her time and be thorough with her patients.” I was right. Dr. Hayes went above and beyond to help me, listen to me, advise me and teach me. With her advice my life got better the very next day. My surgery went so well. Dr. Hayes greeted me at the surgery center before the surgery and I felt so at ease and in good, loving, hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes to any of my sister’s friends.


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  • I felt very comfortable with Dr. Hayes and Sandi within minutes of meeting them. They were clear and helpful with any and all questions I had. The day of surgery was a breeze and the day after, I was in minimal pain, had I known how easy this would’ve been, I would have done it sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Hayes and her entire staff. They restored my confidence in myself.


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  • Dr. Hayes had been referred to my by 2 women that had surgery by her that were very satisfied with their results. Although I was worried about having surgery, I was confident that the surgery would go well and so it did. The recovery was faster and better than I expected. I would recommend Dr. Hayes to all my friends and relatives.


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  • When my gynecologist told me I was finally going to get my hysterectomy, I was thrilled!  I had suffered for years with painful heavy periods.  When she told me she would only do it abdominally because of my precious C sections, I was crushed.  I didn’t want ANOTHER big scar across my belly.  I didn’t want to be out of work and unable to care for my family for 6 to 8 weeks.

    Then my mother told me about Dr. Hayes and the new things she was doing with laparoscopic surgery.  Dr. Hayes couldn’t have been nicer!  She met with me and explained everything to me. She felt confident she could perform the surgery with the use of the Da Vinci robot.  I even discussed the possibility of having plastic surgery done at the same time and not only was she supportive; she offered to coordinate her schedule with the plastic surgeon.

    After the surgery, I couldn’t believe how good I felt so fast and no big scar! I was back at work in about 3 weeks. I am so happy I had the surgery.  I feel like I have my life back!  Thank you Dr. Hayes!


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  • It’s so nice to look in the mirror everyday and see a more beautiful me. And the best part inner beauty is beginning to shine through more and more. Being more satisfied with my outer self affords me more time to concentrate on my inner self. And THAT makes life wonderful.


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  • There are not enough beautiful-positive words I can use to describe the “awesomeness” of  Dr. Hayes, her surgical coordinator Sandi — and the entire ... and I mean entire team at Visionary Centre for Women. From the very first day I walked in, not know what I even needed to ask about, to after my surgery. Everyone is so friendly, patient, humorous & kind — made my visit fun & comfortable!


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  • As vaginal cosmetic surgery is not something routinely discussed among even the most intimate of friends, I feel very fortunate to have heard of Dr. Hayes years ago when a group of well respected physicians and nurse practitioners were praising her skill with robotic surgery and her innovative and beautiful technique in the rather new and mysterious field of cosmetic gynecology. As I began to contemplate surgery for myself, I was excited to discover that Dr. Hayes has gone to great lengths to avail herself of the very best, most current techniques from all over the country, many from the surgeons who developed the surgical techniques themselves.

    This year I had vaginal rejuvenation, perineoplasty, and labiaplasty. The entire experience was a positive one. The office staff is so supportive, kind, and encouraging, and Dr. Hayes is warm and compassionate. One might expect that the experience would be awkward but they are all so incredibly professional, it never seemed so. With surgical skill and an artistic eye, Dr. Hayes was able to restore both form and function. I am so thankful for my results and consider this surgery to be one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.


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    Dr. Jennifer Hayes at the Visionary Centre for Women is a good friend and one of the best gynecologists in Florida. I could think of no one else that I wanted to be my GShot doctor. Dr Hayes and her staff were exceptionally friendly and professional reviewing the entire logistics of the procedure and what to expect with me before proceeding. The entire examination and procedure took less than five minutes and was completely painless. I did not feel any different as I left the office and, as it happened, I did not begin my “clinical trials” evaluating the efficacy of the GShot for a week.

    To be perfectly honest, I went into Dr Hayes office with complete skepticism about the GShot. My sex life was already satisfying and I truly doubted that injecting collagen into a tiny spot on the top of my vagina would make it any better. Was I ever WRONG! Without going into details that would probably do better in a Penthouse Forum letter, suffice it to say that the GShot allowed me to enjoy multiple penetrational orgasms with my partner the likes of which I had never experienced in my life! The stimulation was just “that” much better and more intense.

    Although it must be noted that the GShot does not itself promise to increase one’s libido, I found that the significant enhancement in my sexual gratification has, as a direct result, increased my sexual interest and desire. My partner is ecstatic and, more importantly, so am I. I have been recounting my experience to my patients and friends who are anxiously awaiting the incorporation of the GShot into my own practice. I have had many volunteers to test it further.

    As I am drawing to the end of the four month effectiveness period of my first GShot, I am definitely appreciating the decreasing sensation with intercourse. I have already started planning my return trip to Tampa to receive another GShot from Dr. Hayes and can only end this the way I started with an emphatic, “The GSHOT works!”

    Smiling All the Way, Dr. S.

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  • As soon as I met Dr. Hayes and her staff, I knew I was in good hands. These people are passionate about what they do and treat their patients with great understanding and compassion. After major pelvic restoration surgery (robotic sacrocolpopexy and colporrhaphy), I was amazed at how fast I recovered and how good I felt.


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  • You have Changed My Life!

    I have battled endometriosis for most of my life. Dr. Hayes was the last of a long list of physicians that I had visited in my quest to end the constant pain and discomfort that had become a part of my everyday life. I arrived for my first appointment somewhat skeptical that this would be any different than the other physician visit which had proven to be completely ineffective. Over the years, I hadn’t found anybody with an understanding of the impact that this condition was having on my life and no solution to the problem. However, on the recommendation of a very trusted friend, I decided to try one more time. Well, I have to say that Dr. Hayes has renewed my faith in the medical profession. Over the course of 10 months she patiently took the time to educate me on my options. When I finally decided to have surgery, Dr. Hayes was completely supportive and again took the time to make sure that I understood all aspects. She continued to meet with me on several occasions to answer all my questions and address all my concerns until I felt comfortable with my decision. Dr. Hayes performed the surgery remarkably and I have now come out the other side with a new take on life. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes. Her competence and compassion go unsurpassed–she has truly changed my life!


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  • The experience I had with Dr. Jennifer Hayes was more of a self-esteem/life change for me. Let me start off by saying I am a mother of 3 kids, divorced and I could not bear to look at myself nude, much less have anyone else look at me. Which made it very difficult to date. I am a very up-beat person, until it came time to talk about what lied beneath my nervousness. But seeing Dr. Jennifer Hayes and discussing what she could do for me, the first thing I thought after leaving her office was “WOW! Where has this woman been’. She is a miracle transformer who has been blessed with many talents. When you speak with Dr. Hayes you will see that she knows what needs to be done and delivers on it. I personally have always been embarrassed of my body after having kids. And I would refer to things “I know this may sound gross” and would still cover my head in the exam room. Dr. Hayes would make me laugh and feel comfortable. This woman, Dr. Jennifer Hayes, is truly a women’s best friend to have. She is AMAZING. Ladies...if you have problems that seem to be passed of as “normal” or “it’s in your head” I would make that call. The staff is wonderful too. They make the trip to the office an experience that is relaxing to the soul.


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  • How can I begin to thank you for your extraordinary wisdom, insight and incredible skill in taking care of me? I am so grateful for everything you’ve done for me. It went beyond being a fine physician and surgeon; beyond the enormity of recruiting another surgeon in my time of need, which I thought was nothing short of heroic of you. Thank you for sharing yourself with me; your example helped me to understand in new ways how to transition toward growth and self-actualization. You were an inspiration to me.

    DR. M. T.

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  • Dr. Hayes and her staff were extremely helpful and friendly. I felt like I was in great hands from the moment I booked my appointment til the very end. They made me feel comfortable and at home. I would strongly recommend Dr. Hayes to all my friends. I feel like a new person and am no longer self-conscious.


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  • Dr Hayes has a wonderful way of combining ability and skill with an unlimited capacity for making me feel comfortable and well-cared for. I wouldn't have done this procedure with anyone else. It's no wonder she is considered one of the best.


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  • It’s difficult to articulate just how wonderful my experience with Visionary Centre for Women has really been, but I’ll try. From my very first visit, this staff of sincere, professional, and caring women, made me feel comfortable. I was considering several procedural options to improve my situation and was quite nervous. Once I met Dr. Hayes I knew I was in the hands of a consummate professional, someone who actually saw me as a person and not just as a patient. And she took all the time I needed. My surgical experience was, in a word, pleasant. I wish I had met Dr. Hayes years ago instead of suffering in embarrassing silence. If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right physician and the best OB/GYN you will ever want to see. Visionary Centre for Women ROCKS!


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  • I wanted to have a labiaplasty procedure for two reasons. One, my labia grew long and were pinching and hurting during intercourse. Second, it was unsightly to me and they would hang down and look odd in my bathing suit.

    Having this procedure was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Not only does it look great, but it feels great and doesn’t interfere when having intercourse. My husband even agrees and is pleased with the results. I would recommend this labiaplasty surgery if you are considering it and my experience with Dr. Hayes and the staff was phenomenal and I’m very pleased that I chose to come here.


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  • My experience with the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures was the best experience I’ve yet encountered as a patient. The staff at Carillon Outpatient Surgery were so friendly and caring to my every need. If I may say, Dr. Hayes, your work is the work of an artist.


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  • Approximately a year ago I underwent surgery for labial reduction. I was nervous before my operation, but the friendly staff made me feel very comfortable. I'm very happy to say my results are even better than expected. The work was obviously done with care. My healing process went smoothly and there are no visible marks from the surgery. I feel confident now that I am pleased with my appearance and enjoy sex much more now that there is no embarrassment.

    I must also say that I have lost no sense of feeling whatsoever and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has been considering it. Who better to handle the situation than the gynecologist.


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  • On the day of my surgery, I felt anxious and prepared myself for the pain that I might experience post-op. Dr. Hayes helped to calm my nerves and to reassure me that the post-op pain would be minimal. I thought maybe she was just trying to calm me down — but she was absolutely right! I felt a tiny bit of pressure in my vagina but no actual pain. I am thrilled with my experience and have complete confidence in Dr. Hayes and would recommend her again for this procedure.


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  • I’m 51 years old. I was facing a surgery that scared me to death because of my past surgical experience. I think for me it was more about saying here, take a knife and cut away on a place within my body that is the essence of being a woman. What I have learned is that this experience was amazing for three reasons.  1. Dr Hayes Before the surgery, 2. Dr. Hayes During the surgery, and 3. Dr. Hayes After the surgery. Not only is she highly skilled in what she does but she truly cares about what matters to her patients. She talked to me, & more importantly, she listened. My experience was directly related to the Dr. I chose.  So choose well. I had a great experience with a great surgeon. She truly cared about my quality of life.


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  • I had to have surgery and I wanted to tell you what a good experience I had with Dr. Hayes. What a great doctor she is, and how great my surgery went. I could not ask for better care by her or everyone at Morton Plant Hospital. I highly recommend her.


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  • Prior to my surgery Dr. Hayes explained everything in detail about what she would be doing and what I could expect during the recovery period. I am happy to say that everything involving my procedure was correct and I did not require any pain medication. Dr. Hayes is an excellent surgeon and her “bed-side” manner was fabulous!


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  • I cannot express how thankful we are for all you have done. From our first meeting, to after my procedure, you were no less than awesome! You even took the time to make sure I had the best care you could find locally once I was home. Your nurses and staff are also outstanding! We are so glad we found you!
    D. & B.D.

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  • You are all wonderfully beautiful people. Your care has directly influenced me positively in more ways than I may express in words. The atmosphere you all create is overwhelmingly accepting which comforted me when I needed it most! Please keep doing what you are doing because there is a genuine need for people like you and you are each very appreciated! Thank You.


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  • Thank you for your compassion and kindness at a difficult time. You truly have a God-given gift to be in a highly trained and professional field of medicine ... and yet you feel like a new found friend to your patients. May God continue to bless and keep you in His care.


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